General Push-Pull services

Push pull messages can be used for many services. It can be mainly used for one time messages service.

  • Any kind of inquiry: When any one wants to know about their desired service then they can send a text massage writing the desired key word and send it to the code number “7171”. The service query will be given in code words which implicate the desired service they wanted.
  • Audience opinion: when any television program or any radio program telecast or on air then, the audience can send their opinion by text massage. They can send the opinion that they agree or not about the matter or they can send their opinion as well also.
  • Public Reaction: if anything happened to the country then a public reaction is must. By the reaction of a person it can be very difficult to know their opinion by person to person face to face. So that if a person wants to inform his/her opinion about the incident they can approach by SMS. Write the desired key word then type the opinion and send it to “7171”. So that the reaction of a general people will easily get from a SMS archive data.
  • Originality check: If any customer wants to buy any product like electronics goods or import any car from any country, then they can follow the serial number of the product, write it in message with the key word and send it to “7171”. Then reply message will tell them that the product is original or not.
  • Virtual visiting card: any one can create their visiting card by mobile messaging service. They can upload their info’s by mobile message. Write down the key word, and send it to the desired code number. Then any one can see their visiting card by the mobile messages.
  • Result information: If any student wants to know about their results then they can type the key word and ID number and send it to “7171”. They can easily get their result by the return message